Stochastic Facility Layout


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Title     : Stochastic Facility Layout

Speaker    : Prof. Stein W. Wallace

Date       : Mar. 07th, 2013 (Thursday)**Special Date**

Time       : 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Venue      : Room 513

             William M.W. Mong Engineering Building




The facility layout problem is the problem of assigning facilities to locations. We study the case of limited machine capacity, and hence multiple copies of each machine type. We take into account stochastic demand, described by several types of jobs (i.e. sequences of machine types), each with an uncertain demand level. We develop a heuristic framework allowing us to find good solutions to the stochastic case whenever it is possible to solve the corresponding deterministic Quadratic Assignment Problem, exactly or heuristically. Though the QAP is a very hard problem in its own right, our approach allows randomness (and hence relevance) to be added at only a marginal increase in computational costs.


Stein W. Wallace is professor of operational research at The Norwegian School of Economics. He has earlier held positions in Norway (Molde and NTNU), England (Lancaster University Management School) and Hong Kong (Chinese U). He is primarily interested in decision-making under uncertainty with a focus on applications of stochastic programming. He works on problems related to energy systems planning and logistics. He has chaired the international organization for stochastic programming, and is known for his textbooks in the same area as well as a large number of algorithmic and applied papers. He sits on several editorial boards including INFORMS Journal on Computing.

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