Controllable text generation: types, knowledge, and logic



             Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

                     The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Date: Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 16:30pm-17:30pm

Title: Controllable text generation: types, knowledge, and logic

Spekaer: Prof. Minlie Huang

Tsinghua University

Venue: Room 513 William M.Mong Engineering Building (Engineering Building II), the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Abstract: Neural text generation has been a hot research topic in

recent years, which can be commonly seen in dialogue systems,

summarization, image captioning, etc. In this talk, the speaker will

present some research on controllable text generation, including: 1)

controlling type variables in text generation; 2) how knowledge such

as world facts or commonsense can be used in text generation; 3) how

logic or causality can be captured in text generation. Most of these

studies are with dialogue generation, but some are for more

challenging tasks such as story generation.


Dr. Minlie Huang now is an associate professor, deputy director of the

AI Lab. of Dept. of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua

University. He won MSRA collaborative research award in 2019, and won

Hanvon Youngth Innovation Award in 2018. He won IJCAI-ECAI 2018

distinguished paper, NLPCC 2015 best paper, and CCL 2018 best demo

award. His work on Emotional Chatting Machine was reported by MIT

Technology Review, the Guardian, NVIDIA, Cankao Xiaoxi, Xinhua News

Agency, etc. He has published 60+ papers in premier conferences such

as ACL, AAAI, IJCAI, EMNLP, KDD, and highly-impacted journals like ACM

TOIS, IEEE TASLP, Bioinformatics, JAMIA etc.  He served as area chairs

for ACL 2016, EMNLP 2014, EMNLP 2011, and IJCNLP 2017, and Senior PC

of IJCAI 2017/IJCAI 2018(Distinguished SPC)/ACML 2018/AAAI 2019/IJCAI

2019/ACML 2019, and reviewers for ACL, EMNLP, NAACL, IJCAI, AAAI, and

reviewers for journals such as TOIS, TKDE, TPAMI, etc. As principle

investigator, he had established collaborations with industrial

companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, HP, Google, Sogou, Tencent,

Alibaba, etc. Homepage:

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The talk will be hosted by: Prof. WONG, Kam Fai,

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong




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Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 16:30 to 17:30